What do you think of when you think country music? A dirt road? Cold beers? Long, summer days on the lake with friends? Maybe a few four wheelers with a smattering of daisy dukes (Cue the jean cutting anthem)? In short, you probably think of summer. After all, summer is when Nashville hosts its annual CMA Fest, a veritable Mecca for country fans.

Now let’s throw fallen leaves all over that image. Instead of dirt roads; pumpkins. Instead of cold beers, how about pumpkin spice lattes. And how ’bout scratch that whole “short jeans” thing in favor of, oh I don’t know, Richard Nixon?

While it may sound strange and even absurd, on September 25, 1970, President Richard Nixon proclaimed that October be recognized as National Country Music Month. Heck, Nixon even performed at Nashville’s Historic Grand Ole Opry.

So in the spirit of October, the Echo Team wants to ask you: What is your favorite country music memory? Maybe it is a classic song from Merle Haggard, a southern rock anthem, or some new country from the new guard.

Or, if you’re the type of person who says, “I like all music, except country.” In that case, why not create an Echo of the most gun totin, BBQ sauce stainin’, detestable country song you know. Do it for Nixon!

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Need some inspiration? Here’s what John has to say:


John’s Country Memory

“I worked on Nashville’s Music Row for a country music publishing company, yet my strongest country music memory comes from New Orleans during a birthday trip. My girlfriend and I were driving from New Orleans to Manchac to get some catfish at Middendorf’s. When we got there, she told the staff it was my birthday, and they put a little candle in a corn muffin and sang happy birthday to me. We listened to a lot of country on that drive, but Hank Williams’ “Hey Good Lookin’” sticks out in my mind.”